2011-04-13 “PBSO Part 3”

I want to talk one more time about my trip to Toronto.  Perinatal Bereavement Services of Ontario (PBSO) is doing a lot of work behind the scenes to increase the awareness of the challenges that are faced when a pregnancy doesn’t go the way that it should.  They are a source of knowledge for parents, nurses, doctors, social workers and yes, funeral directors.  I have their contact information here at the Funeral Home if you ever need it.  I have always had a special place in my heart for children and I want to be the best that I can be.  I have always thought that parents who lose children are young themselves and may not be in a place financially to cover the expenses of a funeral service and for that reason, the Blenheim Community Funeral Home waives the fees of children’s funerals.  The caring staff that work here waive their wages when a child dies, the crematorium we work with also waives their fees for children and the Blenheim News Tribune and the Ridgetown Independent do not charge for newspaper notices at any time.  It’s all a part of caring and I think that’s something we do well here. 

And finally, my trip to Toronto wouldn’t have been the time of my life if it wasn’t for the company of my very own daughter Makaila.  She loves the time when it’s just the two of us and so do I.  We ate some good food, we of course went window shopping and we spent some time in Chapters which is Makaila’s second favourite store now next to Sephora’s which sells make-up (yes, she is going to be a teenager this year).  We were lazy and ordered room service one night for snack and we travelled down the freeway at rush hour which made us really happy that we live in a small town.  Makaila was just amazed that there would be three levels of roads at the same time which also had collectors lanes, express lanes, entrance and exit ramps…sometimes 12 lanes of cars at once.  So, thanks for the company Makaila…let’s go exploring again sometime, maybe someplace less hectic and yes, I’ll stop at Sephora’s just for you!