2011-01-19 “Happy Birthday Alvin”

Last Saturday I went to Rev. Alvin Armstrong’s 100th birthday party.  I know that the space I have to write one Marc’s Musings cannot begin to list Alvin and Wilma’s life accomplishments let alone the vast number of changes they would have seen in that many years.  I could just imagine that if Alvin was in the same room as I was at a time when I was giving one of my kids the old “when I was a little boy” talk that Alvin himself could turn to me and say well listen here; when I was a little boy”… and it would be a great story for sure. 

I didn’t make it to the birthday party until the final hour and even then folks were lined up to say hello to Alvin and Wilma.  Everything was well planned and I was happy that we were able to meet their family.  When you arrived, one of their grandchildren opened the door for you.  A couple more grandchildren took coats and assisted with the cans of food that people brought instead of gifts.  Along the wall as you waited were tables with a picture of Alvin in each decade of his life.  I especially liked the 1970’s picture of he and Wilma in their square dancing outfits…the material from Wilma’s dress also made up a part of Alvin’s shirt.  And as we waited in line to see Alvin and Wilma, two more of their grandsons greeted us and asked us how we knew their grandfather.  I’m sure that by the end of the day those two boys would have learned so much about their grandfather that they would have returned home with a lifetime of memories and an even deeper appreciation of a couple who gave so much of themselves.

And Kudo’s to Stan Uher for taking Alvin and Wilma for a ride in the Gray Dort.  When I seen that picture on the front page of the newspaper last week it brought a smile to my face.  What a great guy!

P.S.  Don’t forget the free skate compliments of the Blenheim Community Funeral Home at the Blenheim Arena this Sunday afternoon…January 23rd from 1:00 – 2:30 p.m.  The hot chocolate is on me!