2010-09-01 “Interview with Makaila”

Makaila was sitting on the other side of the desk when I started to write Marc’s Musings this week so I asked her to interview me, to see what things, as a twelve year old she wonders about funerals.  Here’s our conversation:

Makaila:  Why did you start being a funeral director?

Marc:  I have always like helping people.  The best part of being a funeral director is to be able to help people when they need it most.

Makaila:  Who inspired you to be a funeral director?

Marc:  Uncle Bert Hills, because that’s the first funeral that I remember, my sister Bev because I wanted to change things, Uncle Clayton because it was at his funeral that I decided then to pursue my career and Pearl Graves because she left me the money that put me through school.

Makaila:  At the end of the day, are you proud of yourself?  And why?

Marc:  Yes, I am.  I give it my all.  I try to do everything that I can to make the time that a family is here at the funeral home easier for them.

Makaila:  If you weren’t a Funeral Director, what would you be?

Marc:  I enjoyed being a Developmental Service Worker.  I also thought about being a Nurse.

Makaila:  If there’s one life lesson you’ve learned while you were a Funeral Director, what is it

Marc:  That everyone makes a contribution to the world, regardless of their age or anything else about them. 

Makaila:  If someone famous were to visit the funeral home, who would you hope it would be?

Marc:  Opie Taylor (she didn’t get that one!)

Makaila:  Is it hard to work in a business where people are crying and you have to try not to cry because you want to look professional?

Marc:  I’ve cried with the best of them.  You can’t have feelings and not cry.

And then I turned the table and asked her a question…

Marc:  Do your friends ask you about the funeral home?

Makaila:  They ask me why you do that.

Marc:  What do you tell them?

Makaila:  You should do what you love and I guess he loves being a Funeral Director!