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Blenheim Baptist Church
Wednesday January 3, 2018
2:00 p.m.


Blenheim Baptist Church
Wednesday January 3, 2018
12:00 - 2:00 p.m.

In the morning of December 22, 2017 our father, brother and friend went home. Donald Richard Krause passed peacefully from this world from complications of a recent surgery. He was a man who lived his life for Christ and who now reaps the rewards of a life well lived. Wherever Don went laughter, kindness and wisdom followed. He was quick of wit, wise in words and good of heart. What he lacked for in height he made up for, tenfold, in greatest of spirit. He was a kind and good father to his sons: Nathan, Benjamin, Jonathan and Adam. A faithful and loving husband to his wife Laurie, a patient and good brother to his family; Audrey, Janet, Gloria and Ron and he was a humble and true man of God to everyone who met him; a real rarity nowadays. He always had a kind word on his lips, a hand extended to help and a soft heart for those that needed it. His life is a celebration and today this world has lost a little of what it truly needs today; light. And though he is greatly missed he is also greatly envied for he now knows what true happiness, joy and peace is as he is welcomed home by his master, friend and the real joy of life; Jesus Christ. Well done good and faithful servant.

Family and friends are welcome at the Blenheim Baptist Church on Wednesday January 3, 2018 where visitation will take place from 12:00 – 2:00 p.m. A Funeral Service for Don will take place following the visitation at 2:00 p.m.

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To Nathan, Benjamin, Jonathan, and Adam, and Don and Laurie's extended family, I am so sorry to have just learned of Don's recent death and Laurie's earlier passing. Don and I were mates during our 14 months of officer training 46 years ago. I was sorry to lose touch with Don and Laurie as we were both posted here and there over the years ... both moving on from Army duties to pastoral care. I wish you all every blessing, and I rest assured that you have wonderful memories of your parents to comfort you. Brian

Mrs.Krause and Family. Only today, April 21,2018 did we learn of Rev. Don's passing. We just want to say how much we appreciated Rev. Don when he had shown so much love and dedication to us when we were for a short time in Dartmouth. We were in a desperate situation, and Rev. Don took us into his heart and helped us greatly, we will never forget. We were shocked to hear of his passing, for sure he is with Jesus in heaven. We praise the Lord for this wonderful man who had shown his love for God in caring for others. God bless you.

As I said a few words at my brothers service on Jan. 23 my thoughts go back to his military jacket that was on the dias. Of the 10 years my brother was an officer in the Canadian Army it was the first time I had seen it. On both sleeves were 2 stripes indicating his rank as a Captain, on the left chest were his wings he achieved from all the parachute jumps he had made out of a plane. Below that were all his medals he received from the peacekeeping tours he participated in. On the right chest was the name Krause, seeing that name made me proud to know Don was my brother. Don was not only a competent officer in the army but was also a very good preacher of the word. I heard a few sermons he delivered and you could tell he was speaking them from his Love for Christ and his heart. It was hard seeing him that day laying in the hospital gasping for breath because of the complication after his hip surgery. I was accustomed to seeing a vibrant man full of life. But Don has no problem walking anymore because that day God called him home his Spirit soared to heaven singing praises to the Father and the Son. I know his spirit is in heaven with Jesus, Laurie and loved ones that went before. I pray that someday I may see his face again, shake his hand and say which I never did in this life, I feel honored that you are my brother.

As I was doing a google search to learn of where this gifted and genuine pastor could now be serving, I was saddened to learn of his passing. I was with the RCMP and first met him at West End Baptist Church, St. John's, NL and after I ended up in New Brunswick, I learned he had gone to serve at Hillcrest Baptist in Saint John, NB. In September 2003, my son was seriously injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident resulting in the death of a single mom and another young lady being paralyzed for life. My son was not expected to survive, yet having grown up knowing the power of prayer, my first phone call from the Saint John Hospital Trauma area was to Pastor Krause. He quickly attended and his genuineness, kindness, compassion and words of prayer, provided us all with much needed peace and hope during such a desperate time. I will forever be grateful for Pastor Krause who by now has met my mother and sister and one day we will all join them. Although my faith continues, I know I will never find another Pastor Krause.

I'm so sorry for your loss ,,,I heard your mother talk about you boys often ,,,,,,,I knew your parents back here in prince Edward island ,,,they were a very caring couple,,,,,so sorry for the loss of your mom ,not that very long ago ,,,and,,,,so sorry to hear about your fathers passing ,,my condolences to your family

Nathan, Benjamin, Jonathan, and Adam, Sending prayers and condolences from Upper Vaughan, N.S. So sorry to hear about the passing of your Dad as well as your Mom such a short while ago. We have many fond memories of your family when your Dad preached in Upper Vaughan when you were all young. Wish we were able to attend the funeral service. Sending hugs to you all. Susan Rafuse, David and Diana Rafuse.

Thinking of you all at this difficult time. We are shocked and saddened at the passing of Don. Blake speaks so highly of his role in his life. Trusting you will find strength in the Lord and in the wonderful memories of times together. May God comfort you all.

564 Tilton Avenue Saint John On behalf of myself and my wife Pamela we extend our condolences to all of the Krause immediate and extended family affected by this tragic lose. As an active member of Hillcrest Baptist Church today and during the years of Pastor Don's ministry we appreciated both his friendship and leadership. As a past member of the Deacons Board I have been aware that when prayerful consideration and attention to God's direction is given to the selection process of pastoral staff that God honors and ensures that His people receive the pastoral leadership needed for the particular time and place. This was true in so many ways in Don's leadership. Our friendship extended beyond to Don and Laurie's move to PEI, and Pam and I had the pleasure of spending time with both of them on trips we made in the summertime to the island. God grant all of you peace and grace in this difficult time, and the confidence that Don and Laurie are together again, both having received the assurance of 'well done, good and faithful servant'

9043 Black's Rd Rodney , On I have just learned of Don's death. I have never written publicly my thoughts concerning the passage of one of my friends to the other side . This time is different .To his sons and siblings I convey my prayers and wishes for your peace .I grew up on a farm near Rodney and still live there. Don's father Israel helped my dad on occasion . I knew Ruby , his mother as she worked in a grocery store. Don is one year older than I but we started High School together at West Elgin in grade nine. He was in my home room and we were together through grade thirteen and were good friends . We parted then and separated , as so often happens . He came home to Rodney Church of Christ to preach about twenty plus years ago . We reconnected and it was so special. We walked a bit through Rodney and talked about the way it was ..and talked about the paths we chose after the die was cast . It was a spiritual journey . Whoever wrote the eulogy above - it is beautiful . I saw in Don a real kindness of heart , a genuine warmth and empathy and a real calling to ministry which is not always alive in all clergy. We went to dinner at the Morpeth restaurant and talked the philosophers talk . I cherish that gift. He was home a couple of times again and met my brother Brian. He gave me his St John's address and wanted me to visit . I lament that lost opportunity . His last visit was at our driveway , briefly and the joy and twinkle in his eye reflected our long friendship. He visited New Glasgow Church and signed the book. One wonders.....if only. I am sad at his death but rejoice in the resurrection gift. Where have they gone , the old familiar faces ?... I will attend his funeral and look forward to meeting his sons . Bob Buchan Rodney , On

Nathan, Ben, Jonathan and Adam, We were hoping to be there for Don’s celebration but the weather this way does not sound good! We are so disappointed but feel the 21/2 drive could be rather difficult. We have held you all in our prayers and thoughts. Again we can not express how much both your Mom and Dad meant to us. We almost celebrated fifty years of friendship. But I can sincerely call them “our golden friends.” We cherish the memories of our “single fun-times” we had together. The crazy games we played and always indulging in homemade lemon puddings. The planning of their wedding and being a matron of honour for your Mom was so much fun and a privilege. Even though careers separated us in distance we stayed close in heart. Your Mom always said when we got together after being separated for awhile...”even though we haven’t seen each other for awhile we just seem to be able to pick as if we had saw one another just yesterday!” That is what I call a true faithful friendship! One that I so dearly miss!! We will miss their smiles, talks about our Lord, our games, but most of all just the joy of being with our wonderful faithful friends. Please accept our sincere condolences. Know you will be in our thoughts and prayers. Love Shirley and Jack

Nathan, Benjamin, Jonathan, and Adam, Sending prayers and condolences from Upper Vaughan, N.S. So sorry to hear about the passing of your Dad as well as your Mom such a short while ago. We have many fond memories of your family when your Dad preached in Upper Vaughan when you were all young. Wish we were able to attend the funeral service. Sending hugs to you all. Susan Rafuse, David and Diana Rafuse.

We are saddened by the news of the passing of your father so soon after your mother. We often reflect on your family and your time at West End and St.John’s. Zelma and our boys laugh about our blended family of seven boys living together when you first arrived. Still remember your mother’s porkipine receipe. If any of you make it back to Newfoundland, look us up. Don, Zelma, Brad, Robert, and Doug Rixmann

So sorry to hear of Don's passing. We were classmates in seminary and had tremendous respect for Don in his love for the Lord and his genuine heart for people. Our prayers and aloha from Hawaii. In Christ, Jonathan Steeper

Adam, Ben, Jonathan, Nathan, Gloria and family. Your Dad and brother was a very loving, caring, kind and wise man. He was my mentor and helped me through many rough times. He was a great listener and always knew what to say and gave great advise. Over the years your Dad became a second Dad to me because he was always looking out for me when my Dad wasn't around or talking to me. Your Mom and Dad will forever be my heroes. I hope that you find comfort in the knowledge that your Mom and Dad are together once again with their loving heavenly Father right where they would want to be. That thought has given me some comfort since he passed. Love to you all.

Dear Nathan, Benjamin, Jonathan and Adam, We were saddened to hear of your Dad's passing. John was a student at the Divinity college with your Dad. Your Mom was at the Div Wives' group with me. They were both very special people. We always connected at Convention or some seminar and caught up on each other's families. Your Dad always had a smile and kind word. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time. Blessings, John & Janine Boddy

Dear Laurie, Nathan, Benjamin, Jonathan and Adam and family. We were sorry to learn of the death of Don. We remember times together at Acadia Divinity College, as well as his service at West End Baptist Church, St. John's, and at Hillcrest Baptist, Saint John. We are grateful for Don's life and ministry that touched many lives. We are also grateful for the words of the Lord Jesus, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me though he die, yet shall he live." John 11:25 We are remembering you in prayer.

My condolences to Don’s family. I grew up in Rodney with Don; he and I met at the Church of Christ Disciples youth group amd became close friends. He was known as Donnie to me, we walked the streets of Rodney on many a summer night praying for the homes and people to come to know Christ. Don left to join the armed forces following high school; I was a few years behind him and went to UWO for university. Don asked me to stand up with him at his wedding to Laurie, it was a privilege to do so. As time passed, we lost touch, but I’m not at all surprised to see Don ended up in ministry. He was a dedicated believer as a young man and from the other messages it is clear that he became even stronger in his walk with the Lord. Praise the Lord for men like Pastor Don Krause!

Sorry for your loss, Laurie and family. We remember Don from Acadia and WEB as being a kind man of God, with a gentle sense of humour. May Christ walk with you through this difficult time.

Sending sympathy to all of Don's family. He was such a wonderful humble and kind and a great encouragement to us. Our hearts and prayers are with you all.

Sending our deepest sympathy to you all in the loss of your Dad. Your Mom grew up on our street, and spent a lot of time with us, as she used to baby sit our girls. She was a wonderful little gal, I remember the time she met your Dad (on the bus) and how excited she was. After meeting him, we too knew just what a special young man he was. We attended their wedding, and were in touch for some years, but after her parents moved from London, we lost touch. I was sorry to see that she too had passed. May they both rest in peace, as they certainly were two of the best, and you "boys" were blest to have them as your parents. God Bless you ALL.

My thoughts and prayers to you and your family at this difficult time. I didn't know Don as well as Laurie but they were both wonderful people.

Barb and I send our condolences and prayers to Pastor Don's family. We remember fondly serving with Don in ministry in Saint John NB, assisting him with many funerals and enjoying Don and Laurie's fellowship in their home on several occasions. He was one who encouraged me to take further studies in the Lay Pastors Program. Also there were visits to their home when they ministered in Prince Edward Island. Don is now with Laurie again, free of suffering, and with his Saviour he served so well. Rest well, Don!

Baptized by Pastor Don at Hillcrest in 2004, I hardly know where to begin acknowledging this authentic man of God. One of the most brilliant communicators of the Gospel I have been blessed to hear - he has a special place in many many hearts. My sincere thoughts are with family and friends of Don who will miss him this side of eternity.

We were blessed to have been family in faith and friends in community with both Don and Laurie during their years in Saint John. They were wonderful people to live near and work with. We know that the sudden loss of Laurie was a hard blow to Don, especially considering his health issues in recent years. But he was always kind and good. We are sorry that it will be impossible to attend the funeral, but know that we are with you in spirit. We feel the sorrow of losing a friend, but take heart knowing that he has gone on ahead to rejoin Laurie and live on with our Lord Christ. We pray the Holy Spirit will comfort, encourage and guide each one of you as you start now to move on with your lives, knowing that our Lord has taken over the care of Don. May God bless each one of you in the days ahead.

P. O. Box 124, Nova Scotia, Canada. B5A4b1

Rest in peace Padre. You've earned a great reward from your Captain and King. I look forward to meeting with you again, this time in the air above with Jesus. Blessings and comfort are my prayers for Don's family, he was always an ardent supporter of me and my ministry. Dr. Shawn Kehoe

Dear Laurie and family: Joy and I were shocked and saddened to learn of Donald’s death. We remember him well, especially his time at Stephen’s Road UBC. Joy and I want to express our Christian love and sympathy to you and all the family. Although our faith assures us of God's great love and compassion during these times of loss, there is still a sense of loss until we are together again. Please accept our sincere condolences and be assured of our prayers as you morn the loss of your loved one and celebrate his life. In Christian love and sympathy, Morley & Joy

P. O. Box 124 Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

To the Krause Family, I am saddened to hear of Don's passing. I have fond memories of being a fellow student at Acadia Divinity College and when he came to The Coles Island Baptist Church in 1986 for special services. We caught up on what was happening and had many serious discussions over pastoral practices, theology, and "you name it." He prepared his messages well and the response was good. Sincerely, Rev. Paul Bannister

To the Krause Family, I am saddened to hear of Don's passing. I have fond memories of being a fellow student at Acadia Divinity College and when he came to The Coles Island Baptist Church in 1986 for special services. We caught up on what was happening and had many serious discussions over pastoral practices, theology, and "you name it." He prepared his messages well and the response was good.

Gloria and family, So sorry to hear about your brother. Thinking of you and your family. Don and Carol Boylan

I was deeply saddened to hear of Don's passing. He was a wonderful friend when he lived here in Saint John, a comrade with me in the Reserves as well as my pastor at Hillcrest Baptist Church. He was a true mentor, a great listener, always full of wisdom, always ready with a kind word, patient and what a message he delivered every Sunday ! I once asked him what he wanted to do in retirement and he answered " I don't want to retire, I just want to finish well. " The tribute to him says it all. My condolences to all of you who were his friends and family in Ontario. Thank you for giving him to us here in NB for a time. He will not be forgotten.....Allan Thomson, Saint John, NB

Everything in my heart was expressed in that beautiful tribute. Don -and Laurie- were beloved by our family. I remember Don comforting my crying baby so that I might enjoy a fellowship evening. His twinkling eyes and gentle voice. His sureness of purpose that no one should be left behind. Our deepest condolences to his family. With so much love remembered and shared, Caron, Gary, Rita and Josie