2012-12-12 “The Christmas Memorial Tree”

On December 6th we placed the Christmas Memorial Tree by the Post Office in Blenheim.  Thank you so much to Sandra Rumble of Erieau who donated the Christmas Tree this year and to all of the others who called and offered trees.  We have received so many compliments and phone calls from folks wanting their loved ones names added to the tree.  When we started this tradition four years ago I think that we had 165 names for the tree and this year we have exceeded 500 names.  A big thanks also goes out again this year to Mark Phillips and Taylor Phillips of Phillips Skid Steer Service who unselfishly have helped us with the tree for the last three years both to cut the tree and bring it here so it can be decorated and then again to help take the tree up to the Post Office.  And finally a big thanks goes out to my son Darrell for helping take down, decorate and put up the tree, Anna for helping us keep everything organized, my daughter Makaila for helping me shop for new decorations this year and to my wife Gail for putting all of the name tags on the ornaments.  It’s a huge amount of work, but together, we did it!  If anyone else wants to have an ornament added to the tree, don’t hesitate to call us here at the Blenheim Community Funeral Home (519-676-9200) and we would be happy to add that special person’s name to the tree.